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Freshen your home for the season to come. Accents for every room. Go to:  Spring Decor, Summer Decor, Fall and Autumn Decor, Christmas and Holiday Decor

Spring Decor

Slide View: 1: Essaouria Home Wall Art Eliot Blue Wave Table Lamp with Linen Shade Ocean Waves Hand-Tufted Rug, 9' x 12'
Essaouria Home Wall Art AERIN Eliot Blue Wave Table Lamp with Linen Shade Ocean Waves Hand-Tufted Rug
Although hailing from New York, Richard Silver has always found a home wherever his camera is. With a passion for travel, he has visited 78 countries across the globe - even participating in a full "remote year" abroad - where he photographs a range of subjects from iconic architectures to cities by the sea. The Visual Comfort Eliot is a transitional table lamp sure to complement any bedroom or living room. Retro inspired shades created with bright bold and pastel colors, provides the perfect medium abstract designs and clean lines.  Pastel, blue


Rabbit in Tux Sculpture Slide View: 5: Modern Garden 1 Wall Art Slide View: 2: Netted Pillow
Rabbit in Tux Sculpture Modern Garden 1 Wall Art
Alaris Rug-Printed Armchair
Netted Pillow
The Arete Collection is renowned for magnificently carved and hand-crafted home furnishings. The collection includes nature-inspired furniture, accessories, and lighting. This cast aluminum sculpture is covered in a matte white finish and resembles a fashionable rabbit adorned in a tuxedo sitting atop a rectangular base. Felt tabs on the bottom of the sculpture help to protect any surface this piece rests upon. Overall: 4.25"L x 3.5"W x 13.25"T. Colorblocked flowers come together to create a piece of art that is contemporary and timeless at once. Inspired by the sustainable techniques used to craft chindi rugs, this accent chair's upholstery is hand woven with recycled cotton fabrics to create a unique statement piece for your home. The textured, woven designs of its low-slung seat balance beautifully against its bare oak frame for a chair that is at once untraditional yet classic. With a netted design, this pillow brings a subtly nautical touch to your decor

Slide View: 1: So Wavy II Wall Art Slide View: 1: All Roads Shae Accent Chair Slide View: 2: Kleo Pedestal Vase
So Wavy II Wall Art All Roads Shae Accent Chair Kleo Pedestal Vase
Born and raised in Compton, Leo Mark grew up studying fine art and finding inspiration from his father's work. Utilizing everything from acrylics and oil paint to woodwork, Mark creates work that draws upon his strong community ties, love for his family, a sense of discipline, and an instinct to let exploration guide him to new ideas. Textured details lend a sense of playful movement to a modern silhouette in this chair designed All Roads Design in collaboration with Anthropologie. It's the perfect addition to a relaxed living space, a cozy reading nook, or even a little one's nursery. Display faux florals or dried botanicals in this artful vase that features crosshatched detail in its metallic facade.


Odessa Crystal Large Table Lamp Slide View: 2: Byrdie Vase "Space Series III" Framed Acrylic Wall Art by Christine Bishop
Odessa Crystal Large Table Lamp Byrdie Vase John-Richard Collection "Space Series" Framed Acrylic Wall Art by Christine Bishop
Natural and semiprecious materials are products of the nature. Any variations in color, pattern, texture, size and veining should not be considered as a defect. Due to the chemical process to create the effects on this lamp variations will occur and dark brown or black phantom strikes may occur. Handcrafted stoneware Christine Bishop's incredibly creative drawings are produced on acrylic panes and surrounded by crisp white wood molding.

Argentina Ruffle Hand-Blown Art Glass Vase Slide View: 3: Handwoven Dylan Pillow Slide View: 1: Dipped Glass Vase
Argentina Ruffle Hand-Blown Art Glass Vase Hand-woven Dylan Pillow Dipped Glass Vase
The delightful combination of light pastel and bold vibrant colors on our Argentina Ruffled Vase will add a fresh look to any décor. The bucket style vase features a background color of delicate celery green with vertical stripes of darker green. Crafted from hand-woven and handspun cotton, this pillow offers a unique take on classic stripes. Elevate a bouquet of her favorite flowers with an artful vase that she'll cherish for years to come.


Slide View: 1: Hand-Embroidered Rae Pillow Slide View: 1: Femme Fatale Wall Art  
Hand-Embroidered Rae Pillow Femme Fatale Wall Art Diane James Home Camellia & Peony Faux Floral Bouquet
This artfully embroidered pillow brings a warm, inviting feel to any space. Bright, bold, and tailored, Tobi Fairley's designs represent the artist's approach to life and business. Believing that the decorative aspects of your home should encourage individuality and creativity, she seeks to inspire innovation and self-reflection with every work. Features faux camellias and peonies in a translucent vase Dimensions: 9"L x 9"W x 9"H

"Best Dressed Hare" Wall Art by Teng Fei Slide View: 1: Bauble Throw Blanket Boheme Plaid Floor Cushion
John-Richard Collection "Best Dressed Hare" Wall Art by Teng Fei Bauble Throw Blanket MacKenzie-Childs Floor Cushion
Handcrafted wall art. Artist: Teng Fei. This hand-crocheted throw blanket offers a textured touch to a bedspread, sofa, or seat. Handcrafted floor cushions. Tufted on front and back. Handle at side.

Slide View: 1: Rattan Sun Wall Basket Slide View: 1: Calloway Mirror Slide View: 1: Tammy Bud Vase
Rattan Sun Wall Basket Calloway Mirror Tammy Bud Vase
Reminiscent of the rising sun, this rattan-crafted basket offers extra storage - and an artful accent for your wall. With a thin metal frame, this polished mirror is at home in any room. Glass

Slide View: 1: I Love You Wall Art   Faye Sphere Sculptures, Set of 3
I Love You Wall Art Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Charleston Multicolor Linen Accent Pillow, 22 x 22 Faye Sphere Sculptures, Set of 3
Inspired by Asian and modern art, Heather Goodwind mixes traditional media to create fascinatingly complex layers within scattered imagery. Hydrangea and exotic bird motif A trio of spheres become sculptural accents when they're crafted of aluminum and finished in dusk patina and gold

  "Limber" Fine Art Giclee Aumar Large Table Lamp
Michael Aram Tree of Life Appliquéd Velvet Decorative Pillow, 20 x 20 "Limber" Fine Art Giclée AERIN Aumar Large Table Lamp
Metallic embroidered appliqué Framed fine art giclée with hand-applied texture. The Visual Comfort Aumar is a transitional table lamp sure to complement any bedroom or living room 

Green & Gold Glass Lamp Slide View: 1: Tufted Geo Bolster Pillow Slide View: 1: Agnes Greens Imagined Wall Art
Green & Gold Glass Lamp Tufted Geo Bolster Pillow Agnes Greens Imagined Wall Art
Table lamp is made of glass with a beige linen shade. A bohemian aesthetic with a tonal look, this bolster pillow features embroidered tufting in a geometric design. Cotton pillow with tasseled trim at edges. A multi-media artist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, C.A. Price works with painting, sculpture, and collage techniques to create visual contrasts in each abstract, geometric rendering.

Slide View: 1: Abigail Table Lamp La Boite Box - Small  "Paint Pools 8" Giclee by Kyle Goderwis
Abigail Table Lamp La Boite Boxes Grand Image "Paint Pools 8" Giclée by Kyle Goderwis
Seashell, metal. Linen shade included. Includes matching harp and finials Carved from a solid piece of white marble with an etched black marble handle, La Boite's elegant curves and bold proportions make it as visually arresting as it is functional. Made of white Banswara marble and black Bheslana marble. Always intrigued by the technique and science behind how art is made, Goderwis takes a controlled, deliberate approach to mixing paint in this series. Archival digital print on paper framed with a white wood frame under glass.

Flight Sculpture Slide View: 1: Rock and Ribbon Wall Art Slide View: 1: Oren Vase
Flight Sculpture Rock and Ribbon Wall Art Oren Vase
Silver leaf flight sculpture on marble stand. Made of iron and marble. Overall: 24.3"W x 5.3"D x 21.3"T. An organic ribbon of copper leaf adds depth to this minimalist piece, with both muted and rich shades of pink framed in white. Featuring decorative bunches of handcrafted florals, this vase is an ideal vessel for faux arrangements or dried botanicals.

Huggins Tufted Leather Bench Slide View: 1: Desert Throw Blanket Bastille Short Vessel
John-Richard Huggins Tufted Leather Bench Desert Throw Blanket Bastille Vessels
Steel framed large Huggins bench in white tufted leather. Stripes of desert-inspired shades along with playful fringe make this woven throw a cozy addition to any bedroom or living space. Lidded vessel made of earthenware. Golden trim.

Summer Decor

Slide View: 1: Tile Print Darcy Daybed "Light Pink Bouquet" Giclee Canvas Art by Joan Curtis Slide View: 1: Woven Jahala Planter
Tile Print Darcy Daybed "Light Pink Bouquet" Giclée Canvas Art by Joan Curtis Woven Jahala Planter
Our buyers designed this piece to effortlessly transition from extra seating to an extra bed. Removable bolsters are held in place by a strap underneath the frame, making sure your pillow stays right where you want it during a nap. An exquisite bouquet of flowers is brilliantly displayed in this piece by artist Joan Curtis. The textural brushstrokes are highlighted by a matte gel finish while the canvas is surrounded by an aged silver molding. Includes planter and stand. Hand-woven seagrass, rattan, plastic string

Slide View: 1: Janie Glass Canister Slide View: 1: Textured Indira Pillow "Wedding Bouquet" Giclee Canvas Art by Joan Curtis
Janie Glass Canister Textured Indira Pillow John-Richard Collection "Wedding Bouquet" Giclée Canvas Art by Joan Curtis
Glass, stainless steel Chenille- and sequin-embellished cotton; polyfill A soothing bouquet of blooms highlights this fantastic piece by artist Joan Curtis. The piece features hand applied gel texture and is wrapped by an aged silver molding.


"Dazzle V" Giclee Wall Art by Jackie Ellen Garden Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Glenlee Chaise
John-Richard Collection "Dazzle V" Giclée Wall Art by Jackie Ellen John-Richard Collection Garden Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Glenlee Chaise
Jackie Ellen's Dazzle glows in bold colors and floats above a gold background. The hand-finished ivory mat is raised above the images and is framed in a custom narrow wood molding. This majestic fiddle leaf fig tree is presented in a glazed ceramic pot and topped with natural black small rocks. What a statement piece to bring updated greenery to any décor. The delightfulness of this classic English shape's rolled arms is outmatched only by the dramatic, overstuffed cushions that envelop you as you recline.


Alabaster Compote - Medium Slide View: 1: Love Deep Wall Art Ethereal Silvered Lamp
Alabaster Compote Love Deep Wall Art Ethereal Silvered Lamp
The Ancient Egyptians were the first known civilization to revere alabaster for its translucency and beauty. The mineral is not a hard stone and lends itself perfectly to intricate carving. Our Alabaster Compotes are made by a family who has been working in alabaster for centuries. As alabaster is a natural product, please be aware that there will always be variations in veining and color. This is to be expected and makes every alabaster product uniquely your own. Nashville based artist Deann Hebert uses a brush and a palette knife to intuitively create her paintings out of her factory studio. Drawn to texture, Deann's work utilizes a form of impasto, building layer upon layer to reveal the final image. Handcrafted silvertone lamp layered in gold and clear glass shards.

Thetis Vase - Large Brushstroke Hand-Tufted Rug, 3.9' x 5.9' Slide View: 1: Best Of Days Wall Art
Thetis Vases Brushstroke Hand-Tufted Rug Best Of Days Wall Art
Inspired by the pottery of Pompei, each handmade ceramic vase in this trio is as dramatic alone as they are together. Finished with unique motifs, painted by the principal designers of FORM Design Studio, these pieces are artisanally realized in Italy by two brothers in their studio. This contemporary floral rug design features abstract flower patterns in delicate shades of beige, green, brown, and pink. The thick wool pile features sleek Luxcelle highlights, hand carved for exceptional depth, sheen, and texture, bringing stylish chic to any room in the home When New England-based artist Jennifer Headland is creating something new, she imagines her work in conversation with the artists that preceded her. Through this process, she explores individuals, concepts and places of the past, present and future.

Slide View: 3: Tulum Basket Large Parlor Palm Vase Rose Swedish Blue Decorative Pillow
Tulum Basket Parlor Palm Vases John Derian Rose Swedish Blue Decorative Pillow
Cotton Handcrafted glass vases Deeply romantic and inherently inspiring, this evocation of the classic cabbage rose is the focus for this gorgeous decorative pillow. In cool tones of chalky blues this elegant cushion is digitally printed onto linen with a plain pure linen reverse in pale aqua.

Fall and Autumn Decor

Slide View: 1: Cats Wall Art MacKenzie-Childs Harvest Topiary Ceramic Fruits, Set of 7
Cats Wall Art Harvest Topiary Ceramic Fruits, Set of 7
Archival ink and paper. Bass wood frame with glass panel included. USA Harvest topiary with courtly check resin base. Plastic fruit, papier-mâché. corn husk, twigs, Styrofoam berries, pine cones, paper lanterns, and polyester ribbon. Hand-painted ceramic fruit décor.

Falling Leaves Screen MacKenzie-Childs Autumn Harvest Turkey Candlestick Slide View: 1: Forms in a White Sky Wall Art
Falling Leaves Screen Autumn Harvest Turkey Candlestick Forms in a White Sky Wall Art
A profusion of autumn leaves appear to float as they fall back to earth. Handcrafted or iron and brass. Resin turkey candlestick. Denver-based artist Alyson Khan's influence lies in the pull between visual opposites - she explores the interplay between clean, elliptical modern lines and the hard-edged, geometric style of traditional tribal art. Her thoughtful work strives to find harmony between these seemingly conflicting aesthetics, while leaving room for contemplation and interpretation.

Aqua and Earth Glass Vases, Set of 2 Lapis Jumbo Turkey Mirrored Butterflies Decorative Pillow
Aqua and Earth Glass Vases, Set of 2 Lapis Jumbo Turkey
Lapis Large Turkey 
John Derian Mirrored Butterflies Decorative Pillow
This set of two heavy glass vases features a classic shape and a beautiful, nature-inspired color palette of aqua with soft brushstrokes of brown and beige similar to the way minerals are colored in nature. Resin turkey décor. This beautiful decorative pillow features intricate botanical illustrations of Butterflies in a mirrored pattern with delicately stitched embroidered details. Digitally printed onto pure linen, four elegant butterflies lie in the corners of the printed reverse.

Christmas and Holiday Decor

Ant Silver Leaf Fox Box Fringed Cashmere Throw "Pretty in Pinks" Giclee
John-Richard Collection Antiqued Silver Leaf Fox Box Sofia Cashmere Fringed Cashmere Throw   "Pretty in Pinks" Giclée
A whimsical fox box with an antiqued silver leaf finished over gold finish and green semiprecious stone eyes. Made of cashmere. Available in your choice of colors.   Handcrafted giclée. Hand finished with a gel topcoat that gives this giclée the look of an original oil painting. 49.5"Sq. x 2"D. A debut of trendsetting artist Blakely Bering's latest style. Framed in a muted silver float frame. Made in the USA

Silver Spheres, Set of 3 Houndstooth Throw Blanket "Music in Red" Canvas Art by Zabel
Silver Spheres, Set of 3; Gold Spheres, Set of 3 MacKenzie-Childs Houndstooth Throw Blanket John-Richard Collection "Music in Red" Canvas Art by Zabel
Enjoy this set of three spheres in a nickel finish with flowing wave shapes to accent your tabletop space. Enjoy this set of three spheres in a brass finish with flowing wave shapes to accent your tabletop space.  Made of aluminum. Handcrafted houndstooth throw. Fringe trim. A fanciful scene featuring a couple enjoying a musical moment is captured in this piece by Zabel. The giclée is enhanced by a high gloss vitreous finish and is wrapped in a black wood molding.

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